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The Risks of Using a Phone With a Cracked Screen

Broken Phone

The Risks of Using a Phone With a Cracked Screen

A phone with a cracked screen might not seem like a big concern at the beginning. However, the situation may worsen in the future. 

Nearly half the people that wander on the streets carry a mobile phone with a broken screen.

Phone with a cracked screen

People often overlook the crack on their phone screen due to limited or no obstruction in the usage of the mobile phone.

But, in reality, it might be condoning health risks for both you and your mobile phone…

that is way worse than one could contemplate.

Why Should You Worry About the Crack Phone Screen?

Cracks on phone screen could be harmful in more than one way for you and your cell phone’s health.

Due to the presence of tiny processor chips and wirings inside a mobile device, the cell phones are constructed sealed and airtight to prevent the entry of any dust particles. 

These dust particles could harm the device from the inside and render its features malfunctioning at any time.

A cracked screen paves a passage for these particles to enter the device with a direct effect on your phone’s LCD, the most delicate part of a modern smartphone.

Personality Setback

Setting technicalities aside, a phone with a cracked screen is a whistleblower to one’s personality and appearance.

Imagine dressing up for an occasion or a job interview, looking good from head-to-toe…

only to give it all away as soon as you slide a broken phone out of your pocket.

Believe it or not, people often get judged based on how their gadgets appear to be.

And your phone is not just a gadget but your whole life folded within a device.

Technical Problems

Cracks on phone screen may obstruct vision and expose the phone to severe internal harm.

The inability to see what’s happening on your screen could very well be a turn-off and could devoid you of interest. 

If you’re reading this on your mobile phone with a cracked screen…

there’s a chance you wouldn’t be enjoying this as much as the next guy.

No one wants to scroll continuously to renavigate around the cracks and crevices of the screen.

Furthermore, one of the most important features of a modern smartphone is its ability to prevent itself from dying under the influence of liquid.

But unfortunately, the trait of being water-resistant is no longer viable when your phone’s screen has the slightest of cracks. 

You also need to bear in mind that the continuous tapping on a broken screen could harm other features of a smartphone as well.

Health Risks

Let’s be real here, a broken screen is not fun and games. It’s still a broken piece of glass that could leave cuts and scrapes on your fingers and face.

Broken glass can easily slice open a finger while you’re running your hand over the screen to use it. Small glass splinters may likely break off and impact your skin.

touching a phone with a cracked screen
Source: istock

Additionally, the same glass shards could splinter from the screen and hurt your ear when you hold it up for a call.

In short, the health risks with a broken screen are immaculate.

Seek Our Help

The easiest solution to avoid the array of health risks is to get the screen fixed, repaired, or replaced and get a strong screen protector to avoid further demise.

For all that, contact Houston’s number one cell phone repair company CellularPort by giving us a call and finding a location near you! 

Our mobile phone experts would be delighted to help you on-hand,with a repair in as quick as 30 minutes…

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