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From the latest flagship models to budget-friendly options with a vast selection of brands, models, and features, you’ll find the perfect devices to meet the demands of your market and customers.


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Ready to upgrade?
Sell your old or broken smartphone!

At CellularPort we offer several possibilities to get you going again with your broken cell phone. Just because you signed a service contract with your cell phone carrier doesn’t mean you have to keep a cell phone that you’re no longer happy with.

Let CellularPort give you cash or trade dollars for your old or damaged cell phone and help you bargain one that you’ll start using it with affection.

We have three options for you– Buy, Sell, or Trade your Cell Phone!

Buy a New or Pre-loved Cell Phone
Browse our selection of skillfully refurbished cell phones and find the one that fits your needs and your budget.

Sell Your Used/Broken Cell Phone
Walk in with your old cell phone(s) and walk out with dollars in hand.

Trade Your Cell Phone If your cell phone is outdated, trade up. If your phone is too complicated, trade down. With CellularPort’s trade program, the choices are yours.

We sell new and used cell phones and carry cell phone accessories for both new and old models. Find a variety of quality and aftermarket accessories including:

- Cell Phones/Mobile Phone
- Cell Phone Accessories
- Cell Phone Cases
- Cell Phone Chargers
- Cell Phone Batteries
- Cell Phone Covers
- Screen Guards
- Wireless Bluetooth Headsets
- Data Cables & Memory Cards
- Holsters & Car Mounts

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