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Android and iOS; The Two Rivals in Technology

Android and iOS; The Two Rivals in Technology

Android and iOS; The Two Rivals in Technology

The international business market has seen some fierce rivalries over the years that have split the general public into two equal halves. What soft drink to choose from, which crisp to grab, what coffee to get your morning going? We have been thrown into an endless loop of decisions by the leading markets of today. These rivalries serve as a push for companies to do better in terms of development and service in order to get an upper hand on the rival. Through proper marketing, the companies force the public to take sides in order to build a customer community. Similarly, the world of technology has a rivalry of its own. It’s the choice every new phone buyer has to make, his pick between Android and iOS.

Android and iOS :

Android and iOS are two leading operating systems in the world that power modern smartphones. The Android operating system has been used by various mobile phone manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, Huawei and a bunch of others. The iOS is more confined between the two with the operating system only supporting Apple devices that are IPhones, IPads and Macbooks, etc.

Target Audience:

The two rivals in the game have two designated targeted audiences with Android’s audience being more diverse while iOS observes a slightly more sophisticated audience. But there is an essence of rivalry nonetheless where a decision is put forward to every mobile phone owner or to someone who wants to own one. 

Design & Price: 

Pricing is the area where Android has the edge over iOS where new iPhone devices that are being introduced come with a staggering price tag, with the iPhone’s business strategy of selling additional accessories separately kicking that price tag up a notch. Whereas Android devices vary in their pricing considering the number of companies that are using this system in their products.  

Talking about the design, we all agree on one fact that iPhones are straight-up beautiful. Slim, sleek and with better physical features getting introduced annually. iOS definitely takes the appearance round.

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Easier to Use: 

This is something that is based on the perspective of the users of Android and iOs. The user who’s familiar with iOS would find it easier to function while an android user would pick their system. But in reality, even though both systems share a massive amount of similarities in terms of navigation, swipes, pinches and screen zooms, android lets its users make alterations to the interface according to their comfort while iOS likes to keep things in order. It has limited customizations available, with none of them actually changing the interface. Android wins the easy-to-function round.

Close and Open-Ended Systems:

The Android operating system is open-ended which makes it available for other entities to use, even for commercial purposes. It allows the systems to interlink among each other and shares data without proper encryption. It exposes the system to security risks for unauthorized interference.

iOS, on the other hand, is closed-ended which makes it proprietary and secures the system from interacting with other available systems. It limits the users to iPhone applications only. If you have a playlist in iTunes, it remains on your iPhone.

Applications and Buy Store:

Google Playstore of android is far more relaxed than Appstore of iOS. But if you’re a third-party app developer that’s trying to get into the store, there is a possibility you might get into Playstore without breaking a sweat but it is nearly impossible to get into Appstore. iPhone users may only install apps from the Apple app store while developers must pay a service fee every year.

AI and Virtual Assistance:

Siri is an iconic voice-based virtual assistant for iOS that hasn’t been matched in the world of technology yet. Google combined with android to put forward a worthy competitor but all efforts have failed. Siri wins this round for iOS.

People all around the world have preferences as to what they like to function. Some like it complex and subtle while some like to manage things the easier way. Android and iOS have been the two biggest system developers of the world and they will continue to do so for many years forward. Plus a slight rivalry works wonders for us that love to see something new in every other design. So what do you prefer between Android and iOS?

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