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Wearable Tech: Sync with Smart Phones

Wearable Tech: Sync with Smart Phones

Wearable technology has been around for years with a reputation as a passing fad. It has turned out to be a trend that is here to stay. Many mobile businesses have continued embracing wearable technology which has become more prominent and revolutionizing. A few years ago, this was just something we could only experience/watch in sci-fi movies. It’s insane how quickly it has emerged as one of the fastest-growing technologies and is now a necessity to go along with smart devices.

Wearable devices are also known as wearables. Well, to put it simply, wearable devices can track your information, take your pictures and videos, and then it can be synced with your cell phone. It is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Now, let’s get into the details of these innovative gadgets.


Wearable devices have earned a steady following of customers over the past few years. However, the basic idea is nothing new. You must have worn a wristwatch, which means you have already used a simpler kind of wearable. The newly emerged wearable devices connect with your mobile phones and laptop which means you can do a lot of interesting things. There are expandable applications in wearable devices that could grow on a huge level of innovation. Read on to know the top 2 wearable devices which have conquered the wearable tech world:


The tech world’s most commonly used and most hyped-up gadget is a smartwatch. Indeed, it’s worth the hype. It has got the most amazing features and it does more than just tell the time. You can totally put your smartphone aside while wearing a smart-watch since it has everything you want. You’ll get notifications; you can read and reply via your smartwatch. Moreover, you can manage media which means if you are listening to music you can change the track on your smartwatch. It makes things easier and comfortable for you.

If you are a fitness freak, smart-watches can help you keep a record of your workout. Most of them include GPS for tracking locations or receiving the location-specific alerts. The best part is that these smart-watches usually have good battery life. On a single charge, the Apple watch can be used 18 hours a day. Just like this, other brands like Pebble can be used for two-three days when fully charged just once. These watches are designed to eliminate the use of smartphones for simple things like receiving and sending a message. It’s beneficial for the millennial generation as they spend so much time on the internet and thanks to smart-watches, they won’t be missing out on anything.

Fitness Trackers:

The name says it all. This wearable device keeps a check on your fitness record. If you are an athlete or just trying to be more active, this is the device for you! It tracks the number of steps you take, your average heart rate along with your sleep schedule and more. You can also find out about your previous fitness record. For instance, if you want to know that how long have you walked or how many calories you have burned over the past two days, you can get all the data by syncing it with your smart device. So if you are passionate about your fitness, these fitness trackers are highly recommended for you.

Safety wearables:

Technology has evolved in a very effective way because it has the boons our society needs. The highly efficient and innovative gadgets like safety wearables have fulfilled all the needs. These safety devices are disguised as jewelry so that they can be used in a way that the potential attacker doesn’t know what the user is doing. Most of them work by pressing a button which activates an alarm or sends alerts to the people around. These devices can be synced with smartphones. Mostly, they have a built-in GPS which allows you to share location with your friends and family. These devices are highly recommended, especially for women.

Our Thoughts

The wearable technology has commendable services. We can now track our location, monitor our fitness, and view text messages swiftly. Moreover, the best thing of all is that these devices are hands-free and portable. This eliminates the need of taking out

our smartphones again and again. Wearable devices can be connected with smartphones for transmitting information via the internet. Also, you won’t miss any important notification which you might regret later. It’s true that we were doing all these things without wearable devices before. However, we had to go through all the hassle and required devices that weren’t convenient. So, now we have these highly innovative devices we must take full advantage of them to make our life easier and on track. And who doesn’t want to look stylish and wear the sleek and versatile smartwatch? You can’t pass this trend as it’s growing rapidly and is here to stay.

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