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10 Quick Fixes for Your Android Phone

10 Quick Fixes for Your Android Phone

It is just annoying when your phone won’t work the way you want it to. That’s alright, just like a car may occasionally disappoint you by stopping in the middle of a road for petty reasons, so can a m...


How Smartphone Repair Helps Limit Electronic Waste?

Have you ever wondered where all those broken mobile phones, worn out batteries, and other broken gadgets go? They are called electronic waste. Just like your car creates gasses that pollute the air, ...

Iphone charging issue

iPhone isn’t charging anymore? Here are a couple of quick fixes!

Imagine, one day, you have an important call to make to your boss, or an important email that you need to send right away, or maybe a last-minute bill to pay. And your iPhone runs out of battery. You ...

Iphone not working

iPhone not turning on? Looking for quick fixes? Read Us!!

How many times have we tried to fix our phones ourselves and have ended up losing the data? Or made wrong resets to the phone and lost everything? Countless times we know! But here is one thing, some ...

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