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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Worth the Hype?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Worth the Hype?

It would be fair to say that the new 5G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a total package. With rapidly gained popularity and demand, the new phone has already been making it to the news by being on a $200 discount on Amazon and Best Buy online stores. However, is the phone really worth the hype? Let’s find out!

One thing is for sure – if you are a fan of large displays and detailed photography, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the phone for you. Measured diagonally, the phone has a 6.9 inch display screen as compared to the 6.7 inch screen of the standard Samsung Galaxy Note 20. That makes it a great gadget choice for movie lovers and video gamers. The camera on this phone is another one of its features that has got people drooling over it. Its front camera is 10 MP, and it has triple cameras at the back that are 12 MP Ultra Wide Camera, 108 MP Wide Angle Camera, and 12 MP Telephoto Camera. However, what sets it apart from most phones is its incredible 5X optical zoom capacity and a laser AF sensor. The additional features included in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s camera system that make it worth every penny are Shot Suggestions and Flaw Detection. That would certainly reduce the hassle required to click perfect photos for your Instagram feed!

The appearance and structure of the phone is also remarkable. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes in three colors: Mystic Black, Mystic White, and Mystic Bronze. One of its outstanding features is its slim design with only 8.1mm thickness and a stylish S-Pen included therein. The phone is also water resistant and allows for wireless charging, making it easier to use.

There may be some features that you might not be very happy with, however. This new phone by Samsung has been found to have a slower charging rate which is a difficulty considering today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Moreover, while the phone provides ideal camera features for good photography, its automatic ‘smoothing’ effect in photos is sometimes too obvious.

While the phone functions effectively and is a terrific choice for its price and features, there can always be setbacks, errors, or troubles. If you are based in Houston, Texas, and you are having any trouble with your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you can visit with your device at CellularPort store located at 7100 Harwin Dr., Ste.A, Houston.

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