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New Location in Texas: CellularPort Makes its Way to Irving


New Location in Texas: CellularPort Makes its Way to Irving

Yes, you heard it right. CellularPort can now be found in a brand new location in Texas, boosting the number of stores up to four across the state of Texas.

CellularPort that was officially recognized as the number one cell phone repair company in all of Houston. Now for the first time ever, spread its wings out of the city into the rest of the state.

After a wide demand of the people of Irving to bring our business close to them, we have finally opened our doors for the customers in Irving, Texas –

We are offering the same old iconic shopping atmosphere and one-stop-for-all cellular solutions business figure, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

New Location in Texas

CellularPort, which was initiated as a small repair store in Harwin, Houston – has managed to establish its name in the hearts of the customers.

Be it the professionally skilled repair staff, to the highly empathetic collaborators, all have contributed evenly to bring CellularPort up among the top repair providers in all of the United States.

All our attributes, devotion, and support of the people of Houston have enabled us to launch our new location in Texas, a brand new place in Irving.

And we’re only getting started!

Our Offerings

CellularPort does not only repair your precious electronic devices, it makes sure you don’t encounter the same problem.

It has also maintained its image of being a hub for multiple smartphone solutions for you or your business.

CellularPort gives you the luxury of finding tech-ey and mobile covers and protectors for your mobile phone to go with.

You could also find several mobile accessories in abundance, including headphones, cases, keyboards, screen protectors and so much more.

CellularPort provides stylish solutions to keep your devices in perfect condition whole being a visual bliss for you and others.

Another factor that sets CellularPort apart from the rest is its time repair and efficiency. CellularPort guarantees a maximum of 30 minutes to get your device running, good as new.

Our Services

CellularPort takes pride in its extensive range of services that have made their way to the top of the charts in no time.

Our services include:

All these among many others.

CellularPort does not only deal with your smartphones but laptops and smartwatches as well.

Any mishap in any of these devices, there is a 100 percent chance we would have a quick solution.

We have lived by this code of providing instant solutions for all our customers, and we’re bringing this code to our new location in Texas.

New Location in Texas

Make your way to our new spot and get all this and much more, that’s a CellularPort guarantee.

Find quick, efficient, and affordable repairs. Trade your old phone with a new one, and find amazing gadgets, all at one stop.

Make your way to any of our stores across Houston, now near you for the first time in Irving, Texas.

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