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Myths about Phone Charging

Myths about Phone Charging

Myths about Phone Charging

Charging and battery duration is among the most fundamental highlights of any cell phone for some clients, yet this can be somewhat of a disappointing region with regards to tracking down accurate information. Cellphone batteries, chargers, and related gadgets have some way or another become the subject of various sad myths and misconceptions throughout the long term, including a few that have been acknowledged by quite a few people as common knowledge despite not being accurate at all. Many myths are circulating phone charging and batteries and many clients come in every day believing these myths which are being believed in the past few years. Having the wrong information about your charger, battery or related themes may cause you to take actions that will damage the battery and cost you money sooner than you should ever be dealing with these concerns. The common myths that we hear on daily basis regarding phone charging and batteries are:

Disabling Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Features

Many people think that the battery life will be destroyed if the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features are kept disabled. Well, this myth comes from way back as cell phones in the past had major batteries issues, and disabling these features worked back then. However, present-day smartphones don’t have these issues as regularly. In particular, features like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi don’t use any battery power when they’re not being utilized – this implies they don’t have to at any point be switched off. Indeed, Wi-Fi utilizes less battery power than your phone’s data format, so you ought to make certain to keep Wi-Fi on and use it at whatever point you’re where connections are accessible.

Overnight Charging

Maybe the absolute most common myth encompassing present-day smartphone batteries: That charging them overnight will “fry” or in any case harm the battery’s ability. This misguided judgment probably comes from prior phases of phones, where more seasoned battery innovation could be harmed because of overheating or inappropriate cables. Today, nonetheless, batteries are substantially more advanced. iPhone and Android batteries will by and large be appraised for how frequently they can be charged before their capacity start to lessen, at which point overnight charging may play a very small role in this happening – yet insufficient to stress over. There’s no great explanation to avoid overnight charging.

Brightness Issue

Out of all the myths, this one is true. The phone’s battery dries up quickly when the brightness is maxed out but there are still some mix-ups regarding the brightness and the batteries. There is a misconception that using the auto-brightness feature for an iPhone or Android will drain the battery faster which is not true. This feature is made to make sure that the battery life is sustained which promotes battery capacity and makes the battery last longer. While switching to the manual settings of these features may risk wearing down your battery a bit faster than normal.

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