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Learn How to Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life with these Secret Tips

Phone Battery

Learn How to Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life with these Secret Tips

Worried about your smartphone battery life? We got some secrets for you to save and extend the life of that battery.

Your Cellphone Battery Matters

Technology has shaped modern life, with our cell phones now substituted for every other essential gadget in our everyday life.

Processes that were once considered complex or time-consuming are now being performed in a matter of taps on your mobile phone.

But even with the replacement of the gadgets and their confinement into one body, one factor remains intact; the battery.

While a cell phone has untangled the complexities of our daily routine, it cannot do what it does, without a charged battery.

So it could be safely assumed that a “battery” is equivalent to the importance of fire in terms of civilization.

Speaking of fire…

We’re here to tell you how to keep your device fired up while conserving your smartphone battery life.

So let us begin. But first, it is important to understand the mechanics of your smartphone battery life.

The Battery of a smartphone:

The kind of battery that is naturally being used in smartphones is a lithium-ion battery, replacing the formerly nickel-metal hydride.

Unlike the latter, Lithium-ion batteries have a significant amount of advantages for both charge conservation and keeping your device healthy.

Lithium—ion batteries do not respond effectively to the former methods of charging, i.e charging and discharging to the fullest.

For example, like the previous batteries, charging a phone to 100% and discharging to 0% before charging it again was good for battery health.

Source: Sky News

these batteries do not respond to that process they hate it. Lithium batteries could store charge in small packets and resist losing it through the leakage.

So, it is better to not charge your mobile device up to 100% or let it drop to 20%.

Let us explain it further:

Battery Degradation:

Let’s be clear here, no matter how much a person cares for his cell phone battery health, it is destined to perish one day.

A lithium-ion battery could last for up to 500-1500 charging cycles.

What’s a charging cycle you ask?

It is the complete charge and discharge of a mobile phone.

So, if you recharge your smartphone to 100% and discharge it to 0%, you complete one cycle of its life.

Experts believe it is essential to not let your phone charged all the way up to 100 for a better smartphone battery life.

Similarly, it is considered better to not let your phone battery fall below 40%.

So the ideal amount of charge for a sustainable smartphone battery life is from 40% to 90%.

Tips to Extend Smartphone Battery Life:

To extend your smartphone battery life, the idea is to slow down the charging cycles. The lesser cycles completed, the longer your battery would work.

But… how do you do it?

Here are some of the ways you could prolong your battery life:

Avoid Overcharging:

If your cell phone is a movie plot and your battery is the hero… then overcharging is the villain in this story.

Do NOT overcharge; it’s just as simple as that. Once the battery is fully charged, the particles are filled with absolute energy.

Source: PC Mag

As it goes by the name, overcharging overcharges the particles, thus damaging your battery and affecting battery life.

So if you like to charge your phone overnight; don’t. That’s cruelty.

Attend to the Temperature:

Your smartphone battery thrives on cool temperature. So, you cannot leave it inside your car on a hot day.

Or leave it at the top of machines that generate heat. That would bake your battery like a cake.

Also, it is important to use chargers that do not charge your phone in haste, but rather take their time in doing so.

Shorten Charge Cycles:

Once again, the key is to make use of a few charge cycles as possible for a long and healthy smartphone battery life.

To reduce the usage of cycles, it is important to conserve the amount of battery you have in use.

These are some of the tested ways to save your battery from draining too quickly:

Adjust your screen brightness:

Screen brightness takes the most amount of battery in most modern phones. Always adjust your screen brightness manually according to the circumstances.

The auto-brightness feature helps in the matter as well but that’s more work for the sensors so your issue remains stranded.

Source: 9to5Mac

Always manually work your brightness and save more battery.

Turn Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Off:

What does a rested mobile phone have to do with the Wi-Fi turned on?

When not in use, make sure to toggle the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature off so the battery doesn’t drain while your phone remains idle.

Source: Techsupportsolution

Disable Locations:

Locations on your smartphone are one of the biggest sources of battery drainage. It is smarter to keep locations off only until you need to access them.

Besides, you don’t always have to let Google know where you are.

So, this was everything you had to know about your smartphone battery life and how you could extend it for a long time.

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