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Apple iPhone 12: When is it Releasing and What Are You Missing Out On?


Apple iPhone 12: When is it Releasing and What Are You Missing Out On?

While Septembers are famous for Apple’s iPhone releases almost every year, this year’s September event has seen a delay in the release of the desperately awaited iPhone 12. Apple iPhones have become widely popular ever since their first release, and various updates and added features are progressively added in each new version. The Apple iPhone 12 was expected to be here in the market by now, but according to a latest tweet, the Apple fans can expect to receive Apple 12 devices delivered to them if they pre-order around 12 October 2020. That brings the question: Is Apple iPhone 12 really worth waiting for? What is so special about the latest version that is keeping people on their toes waiting for its release? Read on to find out.

Apple iPhone 12 Features You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Out On:

  1. The Variety of Sizes Available: The iPhone 12 series is coming in a number of sizes. Starting from a 5.4 inch in the standard iPhone 12, it moves on to a larger screen of 6.1 inch in iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro, and a 6.7 inch in iPhone 12 Pro Max. Hence, there is one for each one of you, as per your priorities and preferences.
  2. The Redesigned Appearance: Looks matter, especially when it comes to mobile gadgets these days. It appears that the designing team at Apple is trying out new stuff. Apple’s previous iPhone series have had rounded corners, while the awaited iPhone 12 is going to have squared edges. There are a couple more tweaks and changes in the latest version in terms of material and display.
  3. The Added Photography Capability: Filmmakers and photographers are often fans of the iPhone series’ camera capability, but they are going to be even bigger fans of iPhone 12’s camera features! The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max are said to have two rear cameras and there are three cameras in the Pro series with HDR and 3x optical zoom features. The Pro series can also record 4K videos. Quite
  4. The Built-In 5G Feature: Technically speaking and otherwise, the market is all about survival of the fittest. With 5G towers being erected globally, it is evident that all telecommunication companies will need to revamp their devices to support 5G connectivity, like Apple’s iPhone 12 has.
  5. The Whole Package: From what is trending on the internet, it is deduced that the accessories that normally accompany an iPhone device will be shortlisted this time. There will be no adapter, but just a Lightning Cable instead that is made of fabric. Maybe, less is more.

Want to Know More?

If you are an iPhone user and have been wanting to upgrade to the latest iPhone 12 once it hits the market, October 2020 is your time to do that. However, if you are not buying the new phone, you can always upgrade your current smartphone to its best performance. Just visit Cellular Port’s store in Houston and get professional device on any software issues, system slowdowns, or physical repairs needed for your phone.

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