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iPhone isn’t charging anymore? Here are a couple of quick fixes!

Iphone charging issue

iPhone isn’t charging anymore? Here are a couple of quick fixes!

Imagine, one day, you have an important call to make to your boss, or an important email that you need to send right away, or maybe a last-minute bill to pay. And your iPhone runs out of battery. You plug it in but it would not charge. Is there any scarier horror story you have heard of?

iPhones as we know it, can be quite tricky and frustrating sometimes. As much as of a luxury it is, the maintenance is indeed high. And the myths revolving around iPhone manufacturers purposely designing iPhones to malfunction at a certain time adds up to it. True or Not? Nobody can say!

After being in the repair business for over half a decade now, we have mastered a few hacks that we would like to share with you so you do not have to run to repair stores during the pandemic but just in case it does not work for you, we welcome all sorts of repairs.

Let’s get to the point now for which you clicked on the blog for. Shall we?

iPhone charging issues can be unpredictive sometimes so the easiest way of checking where the issue is, to try someone else’s charging cable or your charging cable to someone else’s phone.
This will make it clear to you as to where the issue is. If the problem is with the cable then you may purchase another but if the problem is with the port then you may try the following solution.

Sometimes when we keep our phones in our pockets or bags, the ports are exposed to collect lint from these places.

To clean this, we need to be careful. You may use a toothpick for this. Insert it in the port and lightly run through it. Make sure to not be really harsh with it because we don’t want to break the stick inside.

Another alternate to the toothpick could be a light bristled toothbrush which mostly works the best.

You will see the lint coming out of the charging port once you lightly run it through. And it will keep coming out till there is no more.

These two easy hacks will most certainly solve the issue for you but, if it doesn’t, all our Houston customers can head to our store and we’ll take care of it for you.   

If not, you may use our pick up, repair and delivery service and we’ll get your phone completely repaired & disinfected to you.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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