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How to Speed Up your Phone?


How to Speed Up your Phone?

The smartphone has evolved into an integral part of our lives. However, mobile devices often become less responsive with continued usage. A mobile gadget is no different from any other technology because it will ultimately fall behind. Most of us work from home and depend heavily on our telephones to get through the day, so this might be very frustrating. Because of this, all of our equipment must work correctly.

Since not everyone can afford a brand-new smartphone, we’ve compiled a list of five simple tricks to boost your current device’s performance until you can afford to upgrade.

Clear the Clutter –

If you’re using an older phone, you’re probably all too familiar with the frustration of reaching capacity. When the power in your cell phone finally dies, you’ll have to stop whatever you’re doing. According to Google, you can see performance issues when there is less than 10% free space on the device. Therefore, it’s prudent to limit wasted storage space to no more than 20% of the total capacity.

Here’s how you clear the clutter from the storage and see a significant improvement in your phone’s performance –

  • Go to the device’s configuration menu.
  • The Storage settings may be accessed directly by clicking on the corresponding icon or typing “storage” into the Settings search bar.
  • To do so on a Samsung phone, go to Settings > Battery > Device Maintenance.


Get rid of all the Unused Apps –

There are a lot of unnecessary apps installed on smartphones. In addition, you can have software installed that you never use. These apps slow your phone down since they eat storage, leave traces in the cache, and use up valuable real estate on display. Quickly remove any unwanted software by doing a complete check of your device. If turning them off doesn’t work, then you can’t turn them off.


Change the Tempo of the System’s Animations –

While this will not make your Android phone operate faster, increasing the pace of the system animations will make it seem like it is. In addition, the shorter the animation delay, the quicker the finish of visual sequences, giving the impression of increased system performance.

This method may seem nearly miraculous if the animations on your Android phone seem abnormally slow or sluggish. Turning off the energies in the system should help. But unfortunately, this will result in the elimination of the remarkable transition effects.

Activate Data-Saving Options in Chrome –

data-saving-options -chrome

Chrome is one of the most user-friendly and advanced browsers available today. However, compared to other options, it is weaker in terms of optimization. In addition, we never switch browsers because we are so used to using Google products and because Chrome is pre-installed on most smartphones.

Chrome’s Data Saver option, which compresses data by 30-50%, is a straightforward way to gain performance. Thus, efficiency is enhanced while space is conserved.

Restart Your Phone –

The first step in solving any electrical equipment problem is to turn it back on. If your phone’s slowness results from some annoying background app processes, this simple tweak might be the solution. Android has a fantastic memory management system, and modern smartphones have plenty of RAM to spare. However, a reboot may clear your cache and increase overall performance if you use a low-cost phone with 3GB or 4GB of RAM or less.

Try the Factory Reset Option–


If you’ve tried everything suggested and you’re still experiencing issues with your device, you should contact someone who can help you further. Resetting to factory settings is adequate, though extreme, and means improving performance. However, returning your phone to its original settings will erase all your data.

You should back up your mobile data before resetting your Android phone to factory settings. If you’re going to make a factory reset, go through your downloaded apps and remove anything you won’t need.

Wrapping Up –

These are some great tips and strategies to speed up your phone. However, if they need to work out – you’re always advised to get your phone checked by an expert or consider switching to a newer one.

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