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How Smartphone Repair Helps Limit Electronic Waste?


How Smartphone Repair Helps Limit Electronic Waste?

Have you ever wondered where all those broken mobile phones, worn out batteries, and other broken gadgets go? They are called electronic waste. Just like your car creates gasses that pollute the air, the population throws away electronic things that are not working anymore and that piles up as electronic waste which can be harmful in a number of ways. Here is some information that is associated with the alarming increase in electronic waste being produced every year:

  1. Rapidly Increasing Amount: It has been found by research that there is about $55 billion wrapped up as electronic waste in America annually.
  2. Piling Up Worldwide: It is not just America. Gadgets are being used and disposed in every single country in the world now. In fact, the total electronic waste worldwide is expected to rise above 50 million tons now.
  3. Laws Regarding Disposal: Obviously, no one would keep saving broken gadgets at home just to avoid e-waste growing. Hence, countries have certain laws to be implemented when disposing electronic items. One of these laws include the forbiddance of disposing electronic items in regular dustbins or trash areas.

A Sustainable Method: Repairing Over Disposing

You do not always have to throw away your old or broken gadgets. In fact, you can make the most use of them through several sustainable methods instead of just tossing them in the trash.

  1. Get it Repaired: Let’s say you broke your iPhone by dropping it from a flight of stairs. Ouch. You have tried everything to get it to turn on, but it is almost disfigured. But now what? You would not want to just throw away such an expensive gadget that potentially holds so much of your important and sensitive information. What you can do is visit a smartphone repair shop and avail a smartphone repair offer. Getting your gadgets repaired can be quite heavy on the pocket, but it is affordable when certain stores like Cellular Port in Houston offer great discounts including free repairs on particular days.
    The advantages of getting your phone repaired are numerous. You can prolong the life of your device. You can continue using the gadget that you bought so willingly. You can avoid information loss, and you can save money by not having to buy another phone. All of these advantages alongside your contribution to a reduction in electronic waste as you did not toss your device away! Win-Win!
  2. Get it Recycled: Obviously, it is not always possible to repair the phone and bring it back to an optimal performance. Hence, in cases where repair does not work, or when it is costing you more than buying a new phone would, or if you have just made up your mind to get a new phone, you can simply give your old phone away to non-profit organizations or fundraisers. They encourage such donations as it is a method of avoid electronic waste as well as helping them recycle products.

There is not much that people do to contribute to the world’s betterment. Instead of adding to the waste, it is better to avoid producing it when you have other options.

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