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Houston! Exciting Smartphone Repair Discounts & Giveaways await you at our store

Smartphone repair in Houston

Houston! Exciting Smartphone Repair Discounts & Giveaways await you at our store

Houston is home to many gadget users for which its large population is a major factor. With more technology use, there is obviously an increased number of errors and technical issues that need to be fixed. Cellular Port, a gadget repairing shop based mainly in Houston, Texas, has efficiently found itself serving a large part of Houston’s market in terms of phone repairs, software fixes, screen repairs and more.

Below is a list of some amazing smartphone repair discounts and deals offered for Houston residents by Cellular Port, followed by a list of common issues that you may face when it comes to handling technological products, mainly smartphones.

Cellular Port’s Offers for Phone Repairs in Houston:

  1. 15% Off for all First-time Customers: Cellular Port believes that there is always a first, and that first impressions are usually the last. Hence, all customers who visit Cellular Port’s store in Houston this September for a device repair will get a 15% off on the bill.
  2. Free Tempered Glass and smartphone Charger for Every Broken Screen Repair: Broken screen repairs are a common service at Cellular Port, and since it is such a common yet off-putting issue, it is being rewarded with a free tempered glass and charger every time you get your screen repaired at the store. This offer is valid only on Wednesday & Saturday.
  3. Up to $20 Give-aways on Every Billing of $50 or Above: Cellular Port has offered that the price its customers pay to get their gadgets fixed at the store should be rewarded. With every purchase of $50 or above at the store, the customer gets a gift worth up to $20!

All these offers last until 30 September 2020, but only one offer can be availed by a customer at one visit at the store. Moreover, an E-Voucher is required for you to avail the offer, so simply leave a message at Cellular Port’s Facebook page, claim your E-Voucher, and enjoy these discounts and gifts while they last!

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Common Issues that Smartphone Users Face & Must Fix:

  1. Slowed Performance: If your device is suddenly lagging and slowing for no apparent reason other than its prolonged usage, it is important to get it checked. Just like fatigue is a sign of underlying health issues in humans, device also portray symptoms like slowed performances when it has some underlying problems, like viruses or so.
  2. Suspicious Activity: Personal devices like laptops and phones often hold sensitive data and thus, they naturally are an attention magnet for hackers and viruses. If your device has recently been disabling system settings, preventing you from having complete control, and showing unexpected downloads etc, it is time to take your device to its relevant clinic (Hint: What other clinic for Houston users than Cellular Port?)
  3. Battery Drainage and Other Battery Problems: Isn’t is just so frustrating when you need to make an important call or when you are bored and want to watch a movie but your phone’s battery is always about to die? It appears as you may be dealing with a problematic battery there, and your device deserves better power supply in order to function better.
  4. Cracked Screen: Dropping your phone is so routine these days, and so is broken phone screens. However, did you know? Not only are broken screens unappealing, but they also prove as major risks to your devices. Some screen cracks may not appear fatal at first, but may lead to excessive damage at a later hit.

Smartphone issues are a norm but getting them repaired has never been so rewarding. All phone users in Houston have this lucky grab at some amazing deals by Cellular Port.

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