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Fix the Wet Phone with Rice; Fact or a Myth?


Fix the Wet Phone with Rice; Fact or a Myth?

Have you ever had a drink spilled on your cell phone device? Were you suggested to fix the wet phone with Rice?

Did it work out for you?

Chances are, this household solution could either work out miraculously for you,

Or go horribly wrong.

So, putting your water-damaged cell phone device in a box full of rice,

Is it an actual viable solution or is it just a myth?

We’ll tell you in this article!

Cell Phones and Their Tendency To Go For a Swim

A modern-day cell phone device carries our entire identity within itself.

These high-tech devices with cutting-edge technology have revolutionized the ways things are conducted and have become a mere necessity in everyone’s lives.

We take them everywhere, we use them all the time, and we use them for everything.

These devices, though compact in sizes, now packs all the features that were once considered commodities.

Such as a calendar, an alarm clock, a flashlight, a notebook, a camera, and much more complex features than that.

But what happens when you spill your soft drink on it,

or accidentally drop it into a tub full of water.

Or take it out in the rain for photography if you’re feeling too frisky.

So now your phone is soaked with water,

And not just on the outside. The water has probably seeped into the system by now and drenched the mini processors inside.

So what do you do now?

Most of us have the wrong first instinct.

To fix the wet phone with rice by putting it in a box full of it,

thinking that the rice will soak up the water and dry out the phone, thus saving it.

Can you fix the wet phone with rice?
Source: Verizon

But does it work?

Yes… and no!

It is true that rice soaks up water… but not as well as you might think or wish it did.

While leaving your cell phone device may help soak up the water, but the rice will only absorb the water that is on the outside of the phone.

As an aftermath of your phone damaged by water, you need to be worrying about the moisture taking over inside the system of the cell phone.

This moisture could damage the phone IC, along with other carefully placed bits inside the cell phone.

After all, it is an electronic device.

Also, the rice upon absorbing the moisture from your device could get wet itself and may leave a mushy rice mess in the crevices of the phone and ports.

Then there is the dreaded starch dust that is all over the rice and could easily get in your phone and mess it up.

To be honest, food products must always be kept away from electronic devices.

So if you can not fix the wet phone with rice, what can you do instead?

What Needs to be Done?

The very first thing that needs to be done when your phone goes for a swim, is turning the device off if it isn’t already,

And dismantling the pieces that could be taken apart.

Start with the battery. Take it out if you could take it off manually.

Second, gently dry it off with a towel. Don’t rub at it vigorously as this may push water into the buttons, ports, and speakers.

Source: Gadget Hacks

Third, wrap all the pieces carefully and separately in dry paper towels.

Fourth, dry it off using a hairdryer or a dust blower. Use the dryer at a low to medium speed so you don’t break any other wiring inside the phone.

Next, let it dry. Don’t turn the phone on until you’re sure the phone has been dried up.

Schedule a Repair with CellularPort!

Next, and this is the most important one.

You need to schedule a repair with us at CellularPort.

The next stage could be tricky. You could still save your phone if only you completely dry and clean it before turning it on.

Don’t take a risk by turning your phone on just yet. The moisture inside the phone could still corrode the internals, leading to permanent damage.

Get in contact with us right now, book an appointment. And we’ll make sure you have a perfectly good working cell phone back in your grasp.

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