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Fix Microphone Not Working Problems with 5 Easy Tricks

easy fix for microphone

Fix Microphone Not Working Problems with 5 Easy Tricks

Wondering how to fix the microphone not working in your smartphone? You’ve dropped in at the right place.

Let’s face it, no matter what generation your mobile phone is or what kind of advanced software it has…

You’re bound to face problems with the microphone of your cellphone.

Tricks to fix microphone not working issues
And if you run on phone calls or send voice notes in your everyday routine, then these microphone issues could turn out to be really annoying.

Microphone Issue is Criminally Underrated

Let us tell you why the microphone of your cellphone is the most crucial feature in everyday life.

Most lengthy, purposeful conversations are held over the phone. It could be a business call,

An important job interview,

A conversation with the boss at work,

Or a valuable interaction with a loved one.

And in the matter of current time, zoom meetings and interviews have gained a rapid interest for adaptation all over the world.

fix microphone not working to take better calls

In short, the microphone of our cell phone is the modern medium to get our voice across.

So you definitely can’t leave the microphone issue of your mobile phone on chance.

But the question is, what do you do when you wish to fix the microphone not working on your mobile?

Below, we have created a step-by-step guide as to what needs to be done to deal with sound hindrances or static in your microphone.

Table of Content

Do a quick restart

Clean your microphone with a pin

Remove third-party apps

Update Software

Take it to an expert

We’ll get back to that in a bit.

But first,

What Causes Microphone Issues?

So why DOES a phone microphone problem arise in the first place?

Turns out, there is a possibility for it to be a result of your own negligence.

Your mic can become distorted if you don’t clean your mobile phone too often.

That’s right, dust particles are one of the biggest reasons for your microphone to stop responding.

That is why we always say; it is often the little things that cause major damage.

Other reasons could be related to:

Software: outdated software often cause mobile phone features to crash

Third-party apps: These applications tend to meddle with the features on your mobile phone without your consent and are often a major cause of microphone crashes.

Hardware: Your mic could take up damage externally whether you drop it tail first, or graze it while using the phone.

The fact is, the mic on your cell phone is vulnerable and could take up damage at any time.

Easy Tricks to Fix Microphone Not Working Problem

So what do you do when it does take damage and you’re left with nothing but static?

While you should NEVER try to open up the sealing of your phone by yourself, there are a few other methods you could perform to fix your mic right there and then.

1. Restart Your Mobile Phone

This might be the easiest, yet the most effective solution to any problem that arises in your electronic devices, especially to fix microphone not working issues.

Rebooting the system makes all the operations, working and held, shut down then restart fresh.

Turn your mobile device off, let it rest for 20-30 seconds, restart and check if the problem is settled.

2. Clean The Microphone Hole

Let us trace back to the point we made about dust particles causing the microphone to malfunction.

If the microphone problem still occurs after restarting, get to cleaning your mobile device.

For the microphone slot, the easiest solution is to blow into the hole or use a pin to clean it from the inside.

3. Disable Third-Party Applications

The interference of third-party applications with your mobile features is the biggest cause of phone malfunctioning.

Disable Third-Party Applications

These applications, without the user’s concern, access the microphone of your mobile device and disable it as per their choice.

Run your phone in safe mode to disable all third-party applications. To turn your phone to safe mode you must:

Hold the Power button to shut down your phone.

Once the animation begins, press and hold down the volume button. This should take you to safe mode.

safe mode

Now what the safe mode does is that it disables all third-party applications.

Test your microphone through a voice recorder. If it works, the culprit is one of the apps.

Check for the applications that have permission to access your microphone.

For a user, this is the most technical and the most effective solution to fix microphone not working bugs.

4. Update Software

Software updates do not only bring new icons, colors, and interactive features to our cell phone device.

They are also designed to fix all the previous bugs that could affect the features on our cell phone.

One of the reasons for the microphone crashes could an outdated version of the software.

Slide into the settings on your mobile phone and check for an update under “Software update”.

If there is one, update to the latest version.

5. Let The Experts Have a Look

The methods mentioned above work like the spell of a wizard.

These methods could help your fix microphone not working problems in your phone, easily at home.

But if the microphone still doesn’t budge, it is time to take it to an expert.

You must NEVER try to break into your phone on your own. That is a domain for the experts to handle.

Microphones are delicate parts of a cell phone and require extra care to handle.

So make sure you choose the mobile repairing experts, that are masters of their crafts and know about your device better than anyone else.

This is where CellularPort steps in with its expertise, experience, and skill-set to assess the problems in your phone and fix them to good as new.

That too in a quick span of time with the most affordable prices.

So, now when the person on the other end of your phone hears static from your side and you’re unable to get the message across…

You would know exactly what to do!

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