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Celebrating Our Saviors


The recent affairs that took place all around the world happened to be devastating for humanity, whose grim memories are likely to stay with us for years to come. But while many of us were witnessing the drastic events unfold from our houses far away from danger, there were people that were busy tackling the situation to cease the outspread of something they themselves had no idea about the severity of. 

Amid all the uncertainty, there was one thing for certain; these people who were encountering the pandemic from the frontline were in a great danger of losing their own lives in the process. However, that did not stop them from going above and beyond everything they were taught to protect humanity. These are the doctors, nurses, Para-medics, pharmacists and everyone else affiliated to the healthcare profession. These are truly the Frontline heroes.

Source: The National

We Thank You. Everyone today that finds himself in robust health and strength to step out in the daylight owes the front liners and the first responders a huge sense of gratitude. At a time when the rate of daily cases and deaths were rising everyday with the concept of an antidote-a distant matter, the frontline heroes were adamant to leave their people behind but instead vowed to take on the challenge even at the expense of their own life. A large number of our brave, young medical professionals lost their lives in the process but that only made the will of protection for the rest stronger than before. Thank you for displaying the kind of courage that only existed in stories and fairy tales. 

Source: Islamic Relief Worldwide

We Thank You, for you are our heroes. A hero is someone that does not only protect, but gives us hope. Hope for a better and secure future. That lingers over our heads as a savior and refuses to leave our side when things get tough. The frontline workers are our heroes for they were there to not only protect us from the virus but to provide us hope that no matter how desperate things get, even when the chips aren’t in their favor, humanity has the mind and the heart to fight through and resuscitate themselves to come out stronger than ever.

Repaying the Heroes:

Even though it is impossible for us to repay everything that was done for us, we could start by doing the little that we can. So the people that took care of us in a hard time know that we care for them and we appreciate them. 

  • Start by being healthy. Take your health into serious consideration in everything you do. Eat healthy, take care of the people around you. By keeping yourself safe and healthy, you’re directly helping the frontline heroes and making their job easier.
  • Do what the heroes ask you to do. If they tell you to remain socially distant, do it. If they ask you to wear a mask, don’t question their judgment and do it straight away. They served their life for our protection; the least we could do is serve our loyalty and obedience to their command.
  • Appreciate them in whatever way you can. Be it writing a letter to the local newspapers, displaying appreciation on social media or to send in flowers to a local hospital, don’t miss your chance of letting them know that you care and you’re there for them.

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