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Everything You Need To Know Before Your Iphone 14 Purchase 

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Iphone 14 Purchase 

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Iphone 14 Purchase 

An inside look at the iPhone 14 shows that Apple has made significant updates to the device. The iPhone 14 is undoubtedly an improved version of processing, with a more realistic design and functionality, showcasing that the shift is in the right direction for Apple’s mobile devices.

While having the exact cost in the US, i.e., 700$, the weak currency rates against the dollar have made the latest iPhone 14 almost £70 (A$50) more expensive than the previous model – pricing it at the increased £849 (A$1,399). It may sound bad, but almost every other Apple product launched recently or scheduled for a launch comes up with a similar story due to the prevailing currency issues.

The new iPhone 14 might look similar to its predecessor on the outside. It also has the same A15 microchip and 44-to-48-hour battery life as the old iPhone 13 pro models from last year. The changes are somewhat hidden from the human eye but superb when you get to know them.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 has a mid-frame design that can be opened easily from the back and front without much hassle. The back glass panel of previous iPhone models used to be glued to the frame, causing great difficulty in replacement when smashed. It had to be disassembled from the front, requiring primary expertise with higher replacement costs. It certainly is a big step taken by Apple toward user-friendly development.

The new iPhone 14 has also been shipped in the US without a sim card tray – ultimately relying on digital e-Sims. The emergency satellite SOS is scheduled to roll out by November, but that is also limited to users inside the US or Canada – outside users cannot use the feature.

How Sustainable Is the Newly Launched Apple iPhone 14?

The truth is – Apple does not provide a clear indication of the battery life of their devices. But the battery of the latest iPhone 14 is expected to last more than 500 complete charge cycles with an estimated 80% of the original capacity. Also, you can get the battery replaced for a mere £105. The screen –repairs for the out-of-warranty phones cost £289, and the back glass repairs cost £169 – making iPhone 14 a highly sustainable and affordably repairable device. That’s undoubtedly why iFixit rated the device as 7 out of 10 in terms of reparability – appreciating Apple much on their high-end internal design.

In addition, the company’s report also breaks down the device’s environmental impact, highlighting that the latest model contains several recycled materials such as tin and tungsten, plastic, gold, etc. The report also mentions their apple’s trade-in and free recycling schemes that include non-Apple products.

The Introduction of IOS 16 –

A significant update in the latest iPhone 14 is that it ships with the new IOS 16 – a much more playful and advanced software than the previous ones. It offers a revamped lock screen and many new features that can make you love the device. However, you can expect around five years of updates and more likely to be as many as seven.

What’s New in the Camera?

Well, that’s a genuine question, and you’ve all the right to be curious. The iPhone 14 has a dual camera on the back without optical zoom, just like the previous models. However, the primary 12MP camera sensor is much bigger than the previous one. This improves low-light performance by almost 49% – making photos much sharper and more precise.

The ultra-wide camera also offers improved low-light performance – all credit to the updated software processing. While the combined effect of both cameras is incredible, the lack of optical zoom leaves a mark of a disappointment compared to the competitors.

The self-camera has also been majorly worked upon – now offering a premium low-light performance, a shaper lens, and autofocus. Video captures are as premium as before, with a different mode stabilization system that allows you to do wonders with bright light.

The Final Thoughts

Though iPhone 14 looks like nothing other than the iPhone 13 at first glance, it hides significant shifts and updates inside for those who have an eye for detail. It is undoubtedly an upgraded version with the aspects of longevity, easy and low-cost repairs, and many other important updates that can rule out the previous versions from the market.

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