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Precautions We Take At CellularPort


Precautions We Take At CellularPort

Are you also TAKEN DOWN by the corona virus TAKING OVER the world? Is it the only thing on your mind and your feed these days? Are you in a self locked down position?
If the answer to any of the above question is YES, then my fellow, you have landed on the right piece of information here. No we’re not going to repeat the same things as every other thing you come across. But we will very well explain you a few things about your phones and our services in this extremely careful-of-all-things time.

We at CellularPort call ourselves your phone’s secondary parents. Why? As we all are always glued to our phones these days, just like parents are with their children. We are with your phones when you drop them to us. And with all the madness that is going around, we have promised to make a small change to the situation by fully disinfecting you phone before sending you. Your satisfaction is our responsibility, hence, we assure you that when you receive you phone, it will be fully clean.

What Additional Procreation We Take To Prevent From COVID-19

1.      Our technicians are wearing gloves at the time of fixing devices

2.     We use disinfectant in store time to time.

3.     We disinfect every tool very carefully.

4.     Use hand sanitizer to clean hands frequently and offer to our customers for their safety as well.

We also request you to keep disinfectant wipes with you and make sure to clean your phones with it to avoid any such problem.
Next, we’re also tell you a few DO’s and DON’Ts of cleaning your phone 100%.

1. Use Disinfectant wipes religiously.
2. Keep a micro fiber cloth with you to thoroughly clean your phone.
3. Use Scotch Tape to pull out all the sand or other particles.
4. Use Smartphone Screen Cleaners with a micro fiber cloth. (Follow directions on the bottle)

1. Do not use window cleaner / Kitchen cleaner.
2. Do not use paper towels to clean your phone.
3. Do not use rubbing alcohol to clean your phone.
4. Do not use makeup remover (wipes and/or liquid).
5. Do not use dish soap/ hand wash/ sanitizer/ Vinegar.
Let’s pledge to do our part right. Let’s pledge to spread this information. Let’s pledge to make this world #coronafree.

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Phone: (832) 475-9896

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