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Myths about Phone Charging

Myths about Phone Charging

Charging and battery duration is among the most fundamental highlights of any cell phone for some clients, yet this can be somewhat of a disappointing region with regards to tracking down accurate inf...

Repairing Tips for iPhone 13

Repairing Tips for iPhone 13

Since the release of the new series from Apple of iPhone 13, the repair community has been asking many questions. The new series means that the technology that is being used will be more enhanced and ...

7 Useful iOS 15 Features iPhone Users Should Know

7 Useful iOS 15 Features iPhone Users Should Know

Apple released its first operating system iOS 1 in 2007 which was introduced in the very first iPhone. The launch of the new iPhone took the technological world by storm as smartphones, by then, did n...

Wearable Tech: Sync with Smart Phones

Wearable Tech: Sync with Smart Phones

Wearable technology has been around for years with a reputation as a passing fad. It has turned out to be a trend that is here to stay. Many mobile businesses have continued embracing wearable technol...

MacBook Conventional Issues with DIY Solutions

MacBook Conventional Issues with DIY Solutions

This is a contemporary era where people have detailed and specified preferences. Some people prefer certain luxurious cars for comfort and performance. Just like that, MacBook users are fascinated by ...

iphone 12 with iphone 12 & iphone

Should You Upgrade? Comparing the new iPhone 13 with iPhone 12 & iPhone 11

This week Apple launched its latest product – iPhone 13, adding to the series of its cutting-edge, sleek and smart smartphones. Although Apple tends to possess an integrated customer base for its iPho...


New Location in Texas: CellularPort Makes its Way to Irving

Yes, you heard it right. CellularPort can now be found in a brand new location in Texas, boosting the number of stores up to four across the state of Texas. CellularPort that was officially recognize...


5 Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone in 2 Minutes

Looking to speed up your android phone as quickly as possible? You’re not alone, pal. Nowadays, people carry out entire mechanisms of their everyday life with the help of their smartphones. ...

New Store

CellularPort’s Third Mobile Phone Repair Store Up and Running in Houston

Find your most trusted mobile repair services in Houston now nearby you in Westheimer Road. Houston, TX – CellularPort, recently rated as the number one choice for cell phone repairing across...

Broken Phone

The Risks of Using a Phone With a Cracked Screen

A phone with a cracked screen might not seem like a big concern at the beginning. However, the situation may worsen in the future.  Nearly half the people that wander on the streets carry a mob...

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