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Amazing Freebies & Discount Offers for Students in Houston #WeCareInRepair

It is not easy being a student and managing your finances altogether. There is peer pressure to maintain the best standards of life in different aspects, especially when it comes to the gadgets you own. Honestly, a student cannot quite ‘fit in’ into their social groups without at least some online social media presence and a nice smartphone that lets them not only connect with their peers but also capture their fun times together with selfies and what not.

We understand how difficult it is juggling between social pressures, studies, work, and technology. Hence, we have listed a few problems that students usually face due to issues in their smartphones or laptops, and then we have detailed some amazing offers for students.

Problems Students Face with Phones and Laptops:

  1. Disruption in Availing Online Classes: During the COVID-19 pandemic, education has become mainly online like many other industries. Thanks to the technology that made it possible like Zoom and other apps, education continued during the pandemic. However, with slower performing devices, students often face trouble in availing the full potential of their online classes. Lagging of the screen, cutting off of the voice, inability to support the required apps, or an altogether inefficiency of your phone or laptop’s usage can disrupt your classes.
  2. Data Loss or Inaccessibility: Often due to viruses or memory card corruption and other reasons, people may lose access to their important data. As students, however, this can be extremely troubling as you may have lecture notes, assignments, and other important information resources stored in your devices. This is especially concerning for cases where your phone drops and breaks or needs repair.
  3. Financial issues: While paying your fees and supporting your lifestyle, you might have had to compromise on the little things in life, like the gadgets you own. Financially, students are normally burdened, but Cellular Port has just the right solution for them. Read on to find out.
  4. Pressure to keep up: Whether you want a phone with a camera that takes great selfies that you and your friends can post on social media, or you want a laptop that can support the latest apps or games, you always want to keep up with the latest trends going around your social group of students etc. The pressure is on, but we can help you.

Special Offers for Students by Cellular Port:

Cellular Port is based in Houston, and has launched some pocket-friendly offers for students because #WeCareForRepair. The offers are valid until 31 October 2020, and are redeemable only at the store.

  1. Free Repair for Students (Tuesdays and Thursdays):
    An Exclusive 15% OFF on all repairs during the week in addition to FREE repairs on Tuesdays and Thursdays (excluding component cost). Get your smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads, and smartwatches fixed at CellularPort. All students can avail of this discount from our store by showing a valid student ID during purchase/repairs.
  2. Get 2 Refurbished Smartphones for the price of 1:
    Have you been waiting to buy a smartphone but haven’t had the money? You have waited long enough, and your reward is this offer. Get the phone not just 1, 2 phones for the price of one, so you always have a backup in case of any mishap.
  3. Buy refurbished smartphones on installments:
    Out of budget for a brand new smartphone? No problem! You can buy a refurbished phone from us at half the price and that too on instalments! All we want is for you to have a smooth, effortless online studies experience without the hurdles of a broken smartphone

To Avail these amazing student offers, hop in to our store with your student ID card, located at 7100 Harwin Dr. A, Houston, TX 77036, United States.

You Can book your appointment through Facebook,

Contact us at: +1 832 475-9896

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