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5 Reasons Why Repairing Your Smartphone is Better than Replacing

5 Reasons Why Repairing Your Smartphone is Better than Replacing

5 Reasons Why Repairing Your Smartphone is Better than Replacing

We might often find ourselves wondering, what is the most essential bit of technology to ever grace the human realm? Over the years there have been plenty of technological developments that have transformed the way things occur. From something as little as an alarm clock to the cure of cancer, technology has shaped human lives and alleviated it in a vast form of ways. So what is the greatest technological development to ever exist? There are a number of schools of thought about this, but let’s face it, what is a modern-day technology that you cannot cope without? A piece of technology that has become absolutely essential for modern living? It is most definitely a mobile phone.


The Legend of Mobile Phones:

A mobile phone is less of a luxury and more of a necessity to survive in the modern era. Constant development in the mobile software and introductions of work simplifying applications is making it tougher and tougher to comply without a phone in your hand. Gadgets that were considered essential to own like a Calendar, a calculator, an alarm clock have all lost their credibility with the introduction of smartphones.



Unh, someone’s in trouble.


Since a smartphone is such an essential part of survival, you would think that the owners would care for their mobile sets and hold it precious to them, like one of their own off-springs. But did you know that about 23% of the world population is walking with a broken phone in their grasp.

Strange? Not really. Gadgets have a tendency to spoil themselves. They fall and break, get a crack or worse, fall into the water or any other liquid for that matter. People often consider mobile repairs as hectic and time-consuming. A general perception for the public is that they would rather have their smartphones replaced than to have them repaired. Which we’re afraid is not entirely a smart move.


Why Repair and Not Replace?

You would be surprised to know that it is actually beneficial to have your smartphones repaired by a good service provider than to buy a new one, and the demerits are way more than just putting a dent in your budget.


  • Save a Fortune

This should not come as a surprise to you that having your phone repaired would save you a ton of money, the money you could put into buying other useful items. New generation smartphones come with a massive boost on prices with the newer iPhones having a staggering $1200 price tag on them, and don’t even get started on the add-ons you have to buy along with the device. Whereas a basic phone repair could be done with a massively low price, and your phone would be as good as you first laid your eyes on it.


  • Don’t Fall Into the Corporate Trap

You wish to replace your perfectly working mobile phone device that promises another year or two of efficiency, for a phone that “looks shinier and better”? Then you have fallen right into the Corporate Trap. The big guns of the mobile phone production industry know and exploit the urge of people to leap towards something that looks better and bigger. Companies launch better-looking devices with the same features and trick you into buying them.

Speaking of preserving wealth, you might have heard of,


  • Time is Money

Believe us when we tell you this, having your phone repaired is hassle-free and less time consuming than hitting the market to buy a new one. Tested efficient service providers like CellularPort would take as little as 30 minutes to get the job done while running a full diagnostic on your device, whereas the whole procedure to buy a new phone, set it up and learn the basics is enough to wear a person out.


  • Your Data is Important

Remember the tour you went on last year or your friend’s wedding you were so enthusiastic about? Those pictures and videos are all that’s left now. Replacing your phone would cause you to lose the memories you are so fond of. Some people would argue that the data could be recovered but backup causes way longer than you would think they do. Plus it is a risk, so why take a risk at all when you could have your memory-filled device repaired and ready to go.


  • Don’t Start from Zero

Your mobile device is what you have invested your time and effort on. It is not a walk in the park to learn how to properly operate a smartphone and you master yours. You would not want to let it go to waste like that and start from null on another device. Even if you do, the time and effort to study and execute would be immense. Surely you got better things to do. Things that you could do while having a phone by your side that you have already mastered. Getting your phone repaired is what saves you the hassle of working on something from ground zero.


  • Service Provider Matters

One thing that possesses greater importance than is actually perceived is the importance of a good service provider. Repairing your broken screens or laggy software bears fruits when done by the right provider. You would not want to place something you hold precious in the hands of someone that has zero knowledge of what he is doing. Studying service providers is key in your pursuit of satisfaction. CellularPort, situated in Houston, Texas has been around for a while and has a massive list of satisfied customers, is a bright example of what you should be looking for in a good service provider. Someone that would treat your phone as one of their own and give it the care and affection it deserves.

To conclude, it is fun to have a new, shinier mobile set in your hand that you could boast in your company. But to opt for one while already having a perfectly functioning phone is not the wisest of moves. Your screen broke, the system lagged, get it fixed. Do not abandon something that has been there for you.


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