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10 Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Ways to Speed Up Phone

10 Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Our phones connect us to the rest of the world. We use our phones for practically everything we can think of, whether it’s sending or receiving texts, doing business, completing transactions, or putting orders. It’s reasonable to state that in today’s society, it’s tough to go a single day without our phone because we use it for practically all of our important and minor duties. However, if the same phone’s performance slows, it becomes tough and frustrating.

This blog post contains ten various methods for quickly speeding up your phone while doing daily tasks.

1. Reboot your phone

The first thing you should do if your phone is running slowly is to restart it. We sometimes open too many apps at once and forget to close them afterwards, resulting in excessive battery drain and a slow-running phone. Restarting your phone allows you to effortlessly clear open apps and remove all applications that are wasting its battery.

2. Make use of the available storage space

Another common reason for your phone running slowly is a lack of storage space. Simply free the storage space by uninstalling all the applications you no longer require and all the garbage files, as well as any useless backed-up media.

3. Delete your cache

If you don’t clear such searches after browsing, they simply take up space. Clearing your cache might assist in freeing up memory and making your Android phone perform faster.

4. Remove any unnecessary widgets

Widgets are basically add-ons that appear on your screen and provide additional information about any given app. A clock, weather information, news, photographs, your calendar, and much more may be included. You may simply boost your phone’s speed by removing all the widgets you no longer use or require.

5. Turn off synchronization and background data

Androids are built in such a way that background data is synced. This can sometimes result in your phone running slower. Simply disable this option, and you will only receive notifications from the app when you open it, rather than notifications from the app appearing on your notification bar.

Turn off synchronization and background data

6. Update your device’s software

This could be one of the causes of your phone’s lower performance speed. Check your device settings to see if any software updates are available, and updating your device software will automatically boost the device’s performance speed.

7. Delete all of the applications that aren’t necessary

Remove all of the applications that are no longer needed by you. This will increase the performance of your smartphone in addition to freeing up space on it.

8. Disable animations

These animations typically deliver the experience that all Android app users desire, but they all result in a loss in your device’s performance speed. You may enhance its speed by simply turning off the animation in your device’s settings.

9. Examine your phone for malware

If you’ve done all of the above measures and the device is still running slowly, malware could be to blame. Scan your devices for malicious programs and then uninstall them to improve your device’s performance.

10. Reboot your device

This is always the last option you should consider. If you’ve tried everything and your gadget is still running slowly, reboot it. This will eventually result in the deletion of all apps and data on your phone, but it may be the last and only option for increasing the performance of your smartphone.


The slow functioning of your phone could be bothersome especially when you accomplish all your task with the help of your phone. But by taking any of the aforementioned methods, this problem can be readily resolved.

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