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How To Protect Your Cell Phone From Scratches? 4 Unbeatable Tips You Can’t-Miss!


How To Protect Your Cell Phone From Scratches? 4 Unbeatable Tips You Can’t-Miss!

Life is hard! It gets even worse when you hopelessly see your cell phone battling with brutal scars and have no idea how to protect your little buddy. Sounds dilemmatic right? In this chaotic world, we need things to get sorted in the blink of an eye. In the same fast-paced world, we yearn for instant solutions, yet find ourselves tangled in the chronic web of procrastination, hindering our productivity. This way, we can’t find proper solutions to our problems. But, wait! You have landed at the right place. If you were struggling to find a top-rated store for cellphone repair in Houston then hold on a sec as this blog covers some ultimate tips that will help you out.

In this blog, we are unveiling some striking hacks and tips that will help you in protecting your pulsating lifeline aka your smartphone from scratches in a very short span. So, make sure to suppress your procrastination for a moment and read the following hacks to enjoy a smooth and unswerving mobile experience.

Cracked Screens, Mystical Scuffs: Let’s Unlock The Reality Behind Cell Phone Scratches

We spend hours finding some reliable smartphone repair in Houston but what if I tell you that there are some DIYs and hacks that you can try at home? Astonishing, right? But wait, we haven’t discussed the fact that how our poor smartphones suffer from these merciless scratches. So, let me unveil these tragic incidents with you.

  • The Pocket Peril: This saga happens when your phone is taking an unexpected roller coaster ride in your bag alongside your keys and other pointed objects.
  • The Sneaky Slip: When your phone decides to participate in a synchronized slipping competition by gracefully gliding off your hand, resulting in a chaotic scratch party.
  • The Table Tango: Picture your phone engaging in an unrehearsed dance routine on a rough wooden table, unintentionally showcasing its moves and acquiring scratches as it rhythmically grooves across the surface.

Yes, no doubt these things sound funny at the moment but they end up doing your major loss.

Protect Your Cell Phone From Scratches With These 4 Game-Changing Tips Today!

Can’t agree more with the fact that cracked screens are one of the major problems no one wants to deal with. After facing a smacking reality where our phones are scratched and now possess some cringe-worthy marks, we tend to look for smartphone repair services in HoustonWell, calm down and relax. We are here to reveal some interesting hacks that you can’t miss out on. 

So, if you are still worried about fixing your smartphones at home, then have a look at the following ultimate tips to protect your cell phone from scratches. 

Shield Your Phone’s Soul: Let’s Unleash the Power of a High-Quality Screen Protector

Screen protectors? How boring! I know this is the exact same line you must have thought right at the moment. Believe me when I say that investing in premium quality screen protectors is like investing in the peak performance of your device. Yes, it may sound cliché but it’s definitely a straight fact. The unwanted scratch on your smartphone can only be cured if you have a robust screen protector. According to Wikipedia, “scratches caused by blunt objects, with a protective film the LCD screen is protected against any scratches that could damage the screen surface”. This clearly indicates that if you have a protective film or a screen protector for your cell phone, then you can enjoy all the bounties of life.

Here are a few types of screen protectors that you can count on when it comes to protecting your cell phones from scratches:

  • Tempered Glass: This type of screen protector is admired for its durability and exceptional scratch resistance. 
  • PET Film: These protectors are highly appreciated for their thin film that easily adheres to the screen. They are easy to apply and remove.
  • TPU Film: Providing good scratch resistance, these protectors have an impactful self-healing property from minor scratches over time.
  • Nano Liquid Screen Protectors: This screen protector involves applying a liquid protector onto the screen, forming an invisible layer of protection. One of its major perks is finger-print resistance. 

Got Slippery Hands? No Worries: Apply A Coat Of Clear Nail Polish & Witness The Magic

As astonishing as it may sound, applying a nail polish coat to your screen can minimize your visits to any cell phone repair in Houston. Shocked? Muddled? Thrilled? I can feel you. Let me tell you a fun fact: when you apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to your screens, it will create a barrier between your screen and potential rough surfaces. This will also ensure a strong grip while you are handling your phone with slippery hands. Wondering how you can apply clear nail polish to your cell phones? Well, hang in there.

Follow the listed steps for a steady application of nail polish coat to your cell phone screens and experience the magic yourself:

1st Step: Clean Your Screen

To apply your nail polish perfectly, you need to first clean up your screen. This process involves the use of a microfiber cloth to remove any dust, fingerprints, or smudges.

2nd Step: Choose A Clear Nail Polish

We don’t want a disco party going on our screens right? Well, some people love their screens to be all glittery and sparkly, we aren’t judging anyone. But, opting for a nail polish that is free from any glitter, sparkle or color is the best way to have a clear vision of your smartphone along with relishing this affordable screen-protecting secret.

3rd Step: Apply A Thin Coat

Less is more! Remember this policy and always apply a thin coat of nail polish on your screens. It will help in avoiding a vague vision.

4th Step: Allow Drying Time

Have some patience! This is all that your last step looks like. After applying a thin coat, it’s time to leave your cell phone to enjoy the soft breeze. Make sure to allow it to dry completely before your excitement gets to your nerves and you end up running into your room with the new discovery of this hack.

Pocket Perfection: Give Your Phone Its Own Exclusive VIP Spot

The scratches on your cell phone screen tell a deep dilemmatic story. This story is a memoir about all the brutal incidents your phone has gone through. From facing ruthless torture by your keys in the bag to encountering the worst days caused by your rebellious pen, tired of being confined within the depths of your bag, your phone has experienced it all. Also, there are tremendous risks of using a phone with a cracked screen that you can’t roll your eyes on. So, what’s the solution then? It’s easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. All you have to do is to give your cell phone its own exclusive VIP spot. 

This way, your cell phone can enjoy its own separate space and will thank you for being an understanding companion.

Recycle Your Old Socks & Create A DIY Comfy Protector For Your Phone

Want to do something extra special for your cell phone? You can take it for service at the best smartphone repair in HoustonCellularPort. Also, if you really wanted to go beyond ordinary for your cell phone to protect it from scratches then it’s time to grab one of your old socks. Yes, that’s right! Get any of your cute old socks and cut them from the toe part. After that, slide your phone snugly inside. The soft and cushiony fabric will act as a barrier that will shield your phone from scratches like a pro!


Cracked screens, scratches on smartphones, and other dilemmas are a part of life. But, guess what? You don’t have to build any frown for these problematic things. We know how agitating it might get at some point when your phone is filled with small/big scratches all over. This blog is written precisely to provide you with solutions and put a smile back on your face. We’ve covered a range of practical tips, from investing in high-quality screen protectors to trying out DIY techniques like applying a coat of clear nail polish or creating a protective cover from an old sock. By implementing these strategies, you can ensure a long and scratch-free life for your cell phone.

In addition, if you don’t want your phone anymore then you can utilize the amusing buy-sell trade offered by CellularPort. This option provides an exciting opportunity for you to buy, sell or trade your cell phones at CellularPort. Make sure to leverage this chance along with giving a shot to these above-mentioned hacks because, at the end of the day, it’s you who is responsible for all the decisions of your life!

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