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The Finest Ways to Fix the Cellphone Charger Port

The Finest Ways to Fix the Cellphone Charger Port

You in no way want to utter to yourself these dreaded five words: My cellphone charger isn’t working. Picture yourself on the give up of an extended workday, approximately to retire for the nigh...

Tips to make your Phone Faster

Tips to make your Phone Faster

Some people would agree that the solution is to drop that slow phone and purchase another one, yet not every person can do that immediately. That is the reason we ordered a rundown of valuable tips th...

New Location in Texas: CellularPort Makes its Way to Irving

Yes, you heard it right. CellularPort can now be found in a brand new location in Texas, boosting the number of stores up to four across the state of Texas. CellularPort that was officially recogni...

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone in 2 Minutes

Looking to speed up your android phone as quickly as possible? You’re not alone, pal. Nowadays, people carry out entire mechanisms of their everyday life with the help of their smartphones. Usag...

New Store

CellularPort’s Third Mobile Phone Repair Store Up and Running in Houston

Find your most trusted mobile repair services in Houston now nearby you in Westheimer Road. Houston, TX – CellularPort, recently rated as the number one choice for cell phone repairing across...

Broken Phone

The Risks of Using a Phone With a Cracked Screen

A phone with a cracked screen might not seem like a big concern at the beginning. However, the situation may worsen in the future.  Nearly half the people that wander on the streets carry a mob...

Fix the Wet Phone with Rice; Fact or a Myth?

Have you ever had a drink spilled on your cell phone device? Were you suggested to fix the wet phone with Rice?Did it work out for you?Chances are, this household solution could either work out miracu...

Mr. Ghanaian Athlete Parises at CellularPort

Ghanaian International Paralympic Athlete Praises CellularPort’s Services

CellularPort’s slogan of being the most trusted cell phone repair store in Houston has reached ears beyond the United States of America.Though every one of our customers that we receive at one of our ...

Fix Microphone Not Working Problems with 5 Easy Tricks

Wondering how to fix the microphone not working in your smartphone? You’ve dropped in at the right place.Let’s face it, no matter what generation your mobile phone is or what kind of advanced software...

CellularPort Now Ranks Number 1 in Houston for Cell Phone Repair Services

A lot of cell phone repair service providers around, but who’s the best in Houston?This question had bugged us for some time.But let us solve this mystery for all our folks in the neighborhood.L...

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